The Fernite Heritage

 We’ve been producing quality knives in Sheffield for nearly two hundred years.

The contemporary Fernite brand is built on a historic legacy of Sheffield steel excellence. The name derives from its founder, Joseph Fearnehough who established Joseph Fearnehough and Sons Ltd in 1832.

The earliest reference to Sheffield’s involvement in crafting blades and cutlery comes from 1297 when the town received its charter, and its impressive reputation continued to flourish in the centuries that followed.

Sheffield became world famous for its steel production and manufacturing – with the city’s knife industry at the heart of its success.

The company evolved through a number of changes throughout the 20th Century, giving its name along the way to the ‘Fernite’ trademark which came to represent true Sheffield quality in machine knives.

In 1969, the company moved to its present site in Darnall and replaced the old company name in 1996 with the Fernite brand.

Recent years have seen Fernite invest significantly in both its workforce and the very latest technology – allowing the business to grow its Blade Development Service, manufacturing bespoke and highly specialised products to suit customers’ specific requirements. 

Fernite’s factory has been comprehensively upgraded to expand manufacturing capabilities and improve efficiency. The company has invested in the latest advanced manufacturing technology, including precision grinding and milling machinery, CAD/CAM systems and state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment.


This investment in technology has been matched by investment in Fernite’s team. Our highly skilled technical team has been expanded in recent years, and the business offers apprenticeship schemes in conjunction with some of our region’s top universities and colleges.  

 Fernite have achieved ISO9001:2015 certification – the internationally recognised standard for quality management – guaranteeing a high quality product every time. The company is also licensed to use the ‘Made in Sheffield’ marque, recognised worldwide as a symbol of quality and prestige. 

Fernite is proud that it continues to represent the best of our region’s manufacturing heritage while playing a key role in its future, as a world-leading manufacturing business harnessing technology and expertise to improve our customers’ production processes. 

Joseph Fearnehough - Founder of Fernite of Sheffield Ltd