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Blackfriars Granulator Blades


Blackfriars Granulator Blades for the plastic and rubber industries

Blackfriars Granulators are well known among people working in the plastic recycling industry. These machines have a robust construction, durable in use, and have a wide range of different models to suit various applications. At Fernite we supply and manufacture granulator knives and blades for the full range of Blackfriars machines.

We have an extensive database of drawings for Blackfriars machines. Please contact us with your requirements for an immediate quote.

We manufacture blades in our ISO9001 accredited factory in Sheffield.

We always use the highest quality, fully traceable European steel for manufacturing Granulator blades and knives.

To look at our range of Granulator blades for other machines please use the top menu or contact us using the contact form or phone +44(0) 114 244 0527.

We manufacture many models of Blackfriars Granulator Knives, and some are listed below. Please note, if you cannot find your model please contact us using the form to the right. 

12″ ASHD15×2618×36
18×4218×4518″ ASHD
23/2024/2126″ LVD
27″ ASHD30/3030×60
32/1532/1835″ ASHD
40/40HD 4560/40
62/5262/60HD 67
80/50HD 89100/80
MOD 117MOD 155320/150
525 BGL/L LT930L/L LT1400

Please contact us for an immediate quote either by phone +44(0) 114 244 0527 or use the contact form on this page. Our experts will be happy to help with your technical enquiries too.

Blackfriars granulator blades
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