Preparing for Brexit

Fernite have been planning for many months to ensure we are in the strongest possible position to continue supplying our customers without disruption following the UK’s departure from the EU. 

We have taken precautions to minimise the impact of all Brexit scenarios, including in the event the UK leaves without a deal. 

Fernite have increased our stocks of raw materials which are held in our UK factory. This will allow us to continue manufacturing in the event that movement of goods between the UK and EU is restricted or delayed.

We have comprehensive arrangements in place with the world’s largest courier service. We have received assurances that their operations will be able to continue and any additional paperwork requirements will not impact our customers. 

Fernite have increased our level of highly skilled employees, to ensure we are fully able to maintain the high level of service which our customers expect. All Fernite employees have the necessary residential status to work in the United Kingdom after Brexit and we are continuing to invest in both our team and our technology as part of our long-term growth plans.  



Contact us with your upcoming requirements

We recommend customers assess their existing stock levels and contact us immediately if you will be requiring additional stock over the coming months. 

Fernite are able to obtain raw materials ahead of October 31st, so if you will be requiring large quantities of knives or material please contact us right away so we can guarantee material will arrive in our factory before the UK leaves the EU. 

We have also made additional manufacturing capacity available before October 31st to enable us to deliver manufactured goods to customers who require receipt of goods before the UK leaves the EU. 


If you have any questions please get in touch with Group Sales Manager Nick Wright on 0114 244 0527.