Couteaux de scellement fiables pour le remplissage horizontal de formulaires

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Knives that give sharp edges

As HFFS Flow Wrap packaging is a popular and large-volume process of covering any solid product in a sealed wrap, different makers and models of wrappes are used around the world. Horizontal Form Fill Seal Knives (HFFS Knives) on these machines can have different dimensions, cutting edge styles, and mounting options.

HFFS allows a great variety of packaging solutions for individually packed items: ice cream, biscuits, snack bars, tissues, toys, and bundled products.

Tough HFFS knives that can maintain sharpness and durability

Our flow wrap packaging HFFS knives:

  • standard models can usually be shipped from stock facility
  • can be adjusted to suit custom requirements
  • manufactured from highest quality raw steels, including M2 high-speed steel, 301 stainless steel, D2 or Carbon steel
  • manufactured on CNC machinery, and so provide perfect fit every time

We provide HFFS knives that are suitable to different machinery:

BW Flexible








Line Equipment



Paramount Packaging



Rovema Knives




If your horizontal bagging machine is not on the list, please contact us at We can quickly manufacture custom bagging packaging HFFS knives with a low-turn-around time.

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