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Ice Cream Freezer Blades for the Food Industry

UK manufactured freezer blades

High quality stainless scraper blades

Supplied to the leading brands worldwide

Supplied to the world’s greatest brands, Fernite blades have been developed to increase production run times and avoid costly damage to machines. 

With nearly 200 years of history and a passion for making the best blades on the market, we’ve built up a reputation for quality and service that’s trusted by market leaders in the food sector. That is why a lot of  food packages that you see on supermarket shelves right across the world used Fernite’s scraper blades in production.

As an ISO9001 certified company, we can manufacture scraper blades to the most exact tolerances.

Standard models of scraper blades

Fernite manufacture standard blades for all major ice cream freezer machine types. As a result, our scraper blades are suitable for a wide range of ice cream / gelato freezers, including those manufactured by:

  • APV
  • Callabriga
  • Carpigiani
  • GEA
  • Gram
  • Mark
  • Promag
  • ROKK
  • Soren
  • Stephan
  • Technogel
  • Tecnofreeze
  • Tetra Pak
Custom options

Furthermore, we can also produce bespoke or customised orders. 

Because, Fernite’s scraper blades are manufactured on our ISO9001 Sheffield factory, we are in a full control of all customised production. Consequently, we can manufacture blades with a wide range of bevel angles to suit your exact requirements. Also custom options include different number of holes, slots, shoulder height, shape and dimensions.

Steel grades for manufacturing Scraper Blades

An accurate and highly durable scraper blade is essential to continuous production and efficiency. To address this requirement, we produce every one of our scraper blades from high quality, fully traceable stainless steels from the world’s finest accredited mills. 

Our most popular grade for freezer blades is AISI 420 (1.4034), but we can also offer grade 410 (1.4024) if required.

Grade 420 (1.4034): C 0.28-0.36%, Si 1.00% max, Mn 1.00% max, Cr 12.00- 14.00%, Ni 1.00 max%, Mo 1.00% max, P 0.040% max, S 0.030% max.

Benefits of Fernite’s scraper blades
  • Superior grade of stainless steel for high performance and long life.
  • Chip and shatter resistant.
  • Manufactured to exacting tolerances and to customer specification.
  • Reliable supply from an ISO9001 certified UK manufacturer.
  • Precision ground edges with exceptional straightness.
  • Polished finish available.
  • Suitable for Industrial and Artisanal ice cream manufacturing processes.
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