Granulator Knife Sharpening

We are here to recover sharpness of your granulator knife and to ensure the optimal performance of your granulator machine.

Granulator knife sharpening service is provided on Fernite’s ISO certified factory in Sheffield. Our professional and experienced sharpening experts look after your knives as they sharpen our own new knives.

We recommend sending your granulator knives as a complete set, so we ensure that the knives tolerances required by the granulator manufacturer are maintained. Please let us know what type of material you are processing, as thinner materials often require tight blade tolerances.

This is what to expect from Fernite’s Granulator Knife Sharpening Service:

• Very long sharpening capacity up to 6 meters
• We are using less rigid porous grinding abrasives for minimal-loading and cool surface sharpening. Therefore, your knife doesn’t produce overheat and doesn’t become more brittle as a result.
• Correct equipment for sharpening either Carbon, Alloy, or even Tungsten Tipped granulator knife 
• On custom request a Granulator Knife can be finish ground to profile
• Sharpening and grinding knives with any angle and profile

How Exactly Granulator Knife is Sharpened?

Proper knife sharpening is a process that involves various steps.
      First, precise knife sharpening typically begins with cleaning and removing any residue, to facilitate a high-quality sharpening.
     Then, the knives are carefully measured and sorted to make sure that the least amount of knife material is removed while ensuring the tightest tolerances throughout the set of blades.
      To properly sharpen granulator knives, the knife is held in place and precisely rotated to match the exact angle requirements needed to meet the tolerances of the granulator machine.
      As the knife is sharpened, it is flooded with coolant to decrease heat and eliminate the risk of changing the hardness level of the material. Knife edges within a set are all ground simultaneously to a specific width to ensure optimized gap setting.

To improve wear resistance and help prevent against other materials sticking to the knives, we suggest special coatings or even a cryogenic treatment after granulator knife sharpening.

Regular professional sharpening of a granulator knife significantly improves the performance of your granulator. On average, a granulator knife can be sharpened at least 10 times before reaching the end of their life. Every time, we take off only the damaged part of your granulator knife protecting the life expectancy of your blades.

At Fernite, we work within the strict tolerances to deliver a sharpened knife that is like new.

If you would like to get more information about our granulator knife sharpening services please use the form on the right of this page or call us +44 (0) 114 244 0527. However, if you think you need to replace your knife and get a new one then read more about our granulator blades manufacture.