Get your Industrial Circular Slitter Knives

Circular slitter knives and blades are cutting tools designed in a circular or disc-like shape with a sharp edge. They are commonly used in various industrial applications for slicing and cutting paper, packaging, rubber, food, or foil converting. Circular knives are chosen based on the specific requirements of the cutting task, including the material being cut, thickness, and desired precision. They come in different sizes, designs, and materials.


Circular slitting blade manufacturer to your specific needs

At Fernite Machine Knives, we manufacture a wide range of top-quality circular blade and knife models based on your designs. If you’re looking for a circular slitter knives manufacturer that would solve your issues, you’ve come to the right place.
We specialize in manufacturing circular slitter blades according to samples and drawings. Contact us now to receive a free quote. If you have a drawing, sketch, or written specifications for the circular slitting knife , please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to work with you to create a perfect circular knife for your needs and ship it worldwide.


Our circular slitter knives can do it all: slit, perforate, cut off, cut into strips, shear

In our state-of-the-art factory, we manufacture a variety of circular slitting knife edges, such as toothed, serrated, scalloped, perforated, sawtooth. We offer:
• carbide slitter blades
• stainless slitter blades
• circular knives from hardened tool steels.

At Fernite Machine Knives, we manufacture various models of paper slitting blades and circular perforating blades.

Also, we supply and manufacture circular slitter knives for plastic film production, meat processing, textile, rubber, and wood processing industries. Furthermore, we offer dished circular knives that have a curved or dished shape and are often used in the textile industry for cutting fabric and cloth.

We manufacture all our circular knives from the highest quality European steels to your drawings or according to OEM specifications.


Circular knives manufacturing process:

• The manufacturing process for these blades begins with cutting the desired shape with a CNC machine from a metal sheet.
• Next, the blade is put through an appropriate heat-treating
• Welding process can be added on customer request

• Once the desired shape of the blade has been obtained, it must be sharpened to remove any imperfections and to create the bevel. Finally, a grinding process is used to refine the blade’s edge and make it even sharper.

• The blade tips can also be coated with different materials to help improve resistance to wear or corrosion on custom requests.


The main advantages of using our circular slitter knives

• These blades produce significantly less waste than other types of blades. So, if you’re looking for a more efficient and eco-friendly option, circular blades are the way to go!

• During the cutting process these blades contact the smaller surface, so more produce efficient and precise cuts. Save energy and enjoy cleaner cuts when using circular knives over straight blades.

• When it comes to cutting through material, using a circular knife is much easier than a saw or a knife. All you need to do is rotate the knife to the desired speed and then use it to make the cut. This method allows for greater control and precision, making it a more efficient and effective option.

• Circular blades are less likely to cause cuts or punctures due to their rounded shape. While not as pointy as other blades, they offer superior precision and control.

To get a free quote and advice on your circular knife, contact us at or submit a contact form on this page. 

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