Tape Cutting Blades and Trimmer Blades for Packaging

Our tape knives and case sealer knives ensure precision and accuracy

Tape cutting blades are widely used in packaging lines all over the world for sealing cases and cartons. To ensure a reliable sealing performance, it is essential to have a clean-cut, wear-resistant blade with minimal adhesive build-up.

Fernite tape knives are made of high-quality steel and feature precision-ground teeth, making them suitable for cutting all types and thicknesses of tape, including aluminium foil, barricade, duct, electrical, filament, flat back, gaffers, gummed, heat sealing, strapping, and vinyl. We can manufacture tape knives that meet OEM standards for all machine makes and models, as well as custom knives for specific applications, using precision tooth grinding technology and high-quality materials.

Our packaging machinery knives are compatible with the most commonly used OEM sealing equipment, such as Berran, Bestpack, David, Dekka, Interpack, Loveshaw, and others.

If you are facing any difficulties in cutting a particular type of tape, we offer a Custom Industrial Blades Service, where our team of experts will work closely with you to design a knife that suits your needs. If you have any inquiries about tape knives, please contact our friendly team – we are always happy to help.

Trimmer Blades for Packaging

Some customers in the packaging industry, call Replacement Tape Cutting Blades for a Bag Taper as Tape Trimmer Blades. 

Tape trimmer blades are specific components of a tape trimmer or cutter used to achieve precise and clean tape cuts. These tape trimmer blades cut through various types of tape (e.g., adhesive, packing, masking) efficiently and cleanly. High-quality blades are designed to stay sharp over extended use, ensuring consistent performance.

 We manufacture them from durable metals such as stainless steel or hardened steel to maintain sharpness and withstand repeated use. Several types of Tape Trimmer Blades are available:

  • Straight Blades are the most common, providing a straight, clean cut ideal for packaging and office use.
  • Serrated Blades have a jagged edge, offering better grip and control when cutting thicker or more fibrous tapes

Replaceable tape trimmer blades allow users to maintain sharp cuts without replacing the entire trimmer.