Quality Strand Pelletizer Blades for pelletizing plastics

Pelletizer knives with precision ground edges

Having high-performance blades is crucial in the strand pelletizing process. That is why we have obtained ISO9001 factory certification to oversee the entire manufacturing process. We produce all strand pelletizer blades to OEM standards and the specific needs of our customers.

Our blades are made using top-quality steels and cutting-edge manufacturing technology, which guarantees that pellets are free of sprues, tails, and imperfections. Strand pelletizer blades have various sizes, materials, bevel angles, holes, and slots.

Features and Benefits of Fernite’s Pelletizer Knives

  • We manufacture every blade in our ISO9001 certified factory
  • Can supply large quantities of blades on short lead times
  • Easy custom service and technical support

High-Performance Strand Pelletizing Knives for Worldwide Partners

Fernite Machine Knives is an acclaimed knife manufacturer that provides knives to the top brands worldwide. Our knives not only increase production runs but also lower costs and generate higher profits. We have the capacity to provide large quantities of blades in a short period.

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Extend production run times with our wear-resistant knives