Rapid Granulator Knives

Rapid Granulator Knives

Replacement Rapid granulator blades

The plastic recycling industries use Rapid granulator blades to shred plastic and tire materials into smaller particles, making them easier to process and recycle.
If you’re using Raped granulators and need replacement blades, we can help. Our durable blades can improve the performance of your machine. We manufacture all our blades in our certified factory using fully traceable steel.

We never compromise on material quality, and we offer tough-tipped options and D2 tool steel blades that are expertly made by a highly skilled team with decades of manufacturing experience.

We have an extensive database of drawings for Rapid machines:

GK 600/640 GK4535 GK3026
GK300 GK2645 GK45/90
GK2022 GK20 GK158
GK1000 GK750 GK6090
GK35/60 GK640 GK75

If your model isn’t listed, we manufacture blades from a sample, drawing, photograph, or description.

Please contact us at sales@fernite.com, and provide as many details as possible about the blades, such as bevel type, number of slots, holes, length, width, and thickness.


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