Tray Seal Knives with a High Quality Edge

Tray Seal Knives for sealing machines in food, packaging, film applications

Presicion Cutting tray seal knives that maximases your efficiency and reduces sealing machine downtime

Tray knives with a sharp cutting edge

  • Manufactured from 420 stainless steel, our tray seal knives ensure strength and corrosion resistant to handle the impact of daily use even at high temperature applications
  • All tray seal knives have an exceptionally sharp tooth configurations.  These knives are appropriate to cut through either Tyvek, laminated foil, paper, or film 
  • We manufacture multi-tray knives, custom shaped formed seal knives, and tray knife strip.

Please provide us information about your application and main requirements for a free and fast quote. Let us know whether you would like to display your logo on your knives (free option).

To protect formed tray knives during delivery, we package them in vacuum packaging. Please send your enquiry to for a fast quote. 

Our most popular tray sealer knives fit to:

AutoprodGruppo FabbriMPERossUlma
FEMCIlpraMultivacRotary ConceptsUltravac
FPEMolenaarParamount PackagingScandivacZitopack

Common questions we get about Tray Seal Knives:

What are the main forms of tray seal knives that you offer?

We manufactures all shapes of tray sealer knives used in paper, plastic, foil, film packaging  applications. Special forms can be created for special moulds, like a tree at Christmas, a bunny at Easter, or anything else. 

All there shapes can be manufactured to any custom height of up to 70 mm.

What are the main advantages of Fernite’s tray seal knives?

Firstly, we manufacture these knives without any excess weld. To ensure a smooth cutting, we additionally polish away the seam.

Secondly, there is no step in the tooth form at the seam, as we accurately weld the correct apex of the tooth.

Finally, our precision grinding technology ensures sharp and constant tooth form with an exceptional straightness along the whole surface every time.

Can you adjust the mounting options for us?

There are several approaches to customise mounting options. We can either manufacture tray sealer knives with slots around the tray sides. Or otherwise, we can add a mounting plate with screw holes for ease of mounting.

Additionally, mounting luges can be added for easier assembly of your knives into the machine.