Cardboard Cutter

Cardboard cutters to meet the demands of the packaging and paper sectors

These packaging machinery knives are a crucial component of any production process. Poorly performing or worn-out cardboard cutter knives can lead to a subpar finished product, machine damage, and costly downtimes.

We make cardboard cutters from high-quality European steel and precision-ground them to ensure a clean and perfect cut. Using the latest production technology, we have complete control over the manufacturing process from beginning to end.

Whether you need to cut cardboard of a specific size, shape, or thickness, or you want to increase blade lifespan and improve cutting performance, Fernite Machine Knives is here to assist you.

With advanced grinding technology, you can achieve superior cutting edge quality

We are dedicated to working alongside you to design a bespoke cardboard cutter that is tailored to your exact requirements. Our team has access to premium European steel and can expertly sharpen cutting edges to your precise specifications.

We take pride in our friendly and transparent approach to collaboration. With our extensive experience, we are always ready to offer advice and suggestions to improve your cutting performance.

If you need a cardboard cutting knife to streamline your production process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Looking for high-quality knives that can improve your production runs, reduce costs, and boost profits? Look no further than Fernite Machine Knives, an award-winning knife manufacturer that supplies the world’s top brands.

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To ensure that we give you an accurate quote, please provide us with as much information as possible. This includes machine type, material specification, dimensions, thickness, bevel angles, and any other relevant details. If you have a drawing, please attach it to your submission.