Cumberland Granulator Blades, High quality replacements

Cumberland Granulator Blades perform a crucial role in the size-reduction process, they are responsible for the effective cutting and shredding of materials. The specific type of blades used in Cumberland granulators can vary depending on the model and application.

When looking for replacement blades for Cumberland granulators, it’s important to ensure that the new blades are compatible with the specific model of the granulator.

Cumberland Granulator Blades at Fernite

Fernite Machine Knives is a leading manufacturer of granulator knives. Our factory is certified with ISO9001 and we use the highest quality steel to produce both popular and customized Cumberland granulator knives and blades. We take pride in manufacturing knives that meet or exceed OEM specifications with dimensional tolerances.

A granulator machine functions at its best when it has sharp granulator knives that are set to an exact cutting gap. At Fernite, we grind our knives per set to ensure precise gap fit, precise cutting, longevity, and machine balance. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers generate uniform regrind with minimal dust content.

Manufacturing Cumberland Blades

We have the expertise and knowledge to provide Cumberland Granulator knives to customers all around the world. Our extensive database of drawings and knowledge allows us to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

We manufacture Cumberland granulator blades mostly from Standard D2 Steel. These are often used for general-purpose applications, providing a balance between cost and performance. Others, are High-Performance Tool Steel Blades. These blades are designed for more demanding applications requiring higher wear resistance and toughness, and processing abrasive materials.

Contact us to get the appropriate information and guidance regarding the selection of the right blades for your granulator. We can also offer recommendations on maintenance and blade replacement intervals to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the granulator.

We manufacture all models of Cumberland Granulator Blades

Some of them are listed in the table below. If you need blades for any other model. please contact us at with the technical details.













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