Machine Knives for Paper Cutting, Precision and High-Quality

Machine Knives for Paper and Print Cutting

We manufacture blades in our ISO9001-certified plant from accredited European steels. Our customers rely on us to keep their machines running to the max.

Over two hundred years, Fernite has built its reputation as a world-class manufacturer of the finest quality machine blades, knives, and cutters. Here, we use advanced manufacturing technologies to deliver the optimum results to every customer. Whether you need a standard specification or bespoke products, our experts can advise on the design, and manufacture.

High-quality and long-lasting, our blades cut with absolute precision, ensuring your machines can increase efficiency with minimum downtime.


Flexible quantity of machine knives for paper and print orders

We manufacture all of our products in-house and have control over quality and production, therefore we maintain excellent stock levels. If you need blades in double-quick time, we’ll get them to you fast!

At Fernite, we form enduring partnerships with our customers who look to us for information, ideas, and advice on maximizing machine performance and productivity. We are ready to work with you to develop blades to improve your production processes and solve your machine knife problems.


We offer a wide range of paper, converting, and print machine blades
Cardboard cutters
Circular slitter knives
Doctor blades
Perforator blades
Trimmer blades


For technical advice and quotes please get in touch with us or via the contact form on this page.