VFFS Machine Parts – Reliable Vertical Form Fill Knives

Precision-ground Vertical Form Fill Knives

Fernite manufactures vertical form fill seal knives for various markets: food, drinks, tobacco, pet food, chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical. Our vertical form fill knives always meet your exact bagging, heat sealing, and packaging requirements.

Form Fill Knives are among the most important VFFS machine parts and therefore should always provide reliable performance, we manufacture them from only the highest quality, fully traceable European steel.

  • To improve wear resistance and prevent adhering, we can coat VFFS knives with Tin or Teflon coatings
  • Our advanced technology enables us to combine a huge variety of tooth profiles and pitches
  • We offer customized FFS knives with tear notch knives that provide secure seals and easy-to-open

Tear Notch Knives for precise cut and easy-to-open tear notch

Precision ground teeth for cutting tear notches

VFF and seal knives compatible with Bosch, Endoline, Fuji, Gainsborough, Hayssen, Ishida, Illapak, Krones, Maidstone, Matrix, Multivac, Omori, Redpack, Rovema, Syntegon, TetraPak, Wrights, Woodman and many more are manufactured by Fernite and supplied all around the world.

Rovema, Bosch, and Sandiacre are among our most popular ready-made VFFS blades

Hayssen Machine Knives

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High Quality Bosch Blades for the Packaging Machines

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Rovema Knife

Premium Quality Rovema Packaging Knives Fernite is a specialist manufacturer ...

Sandiacre Blades from the finest grades of European steels

Sandiacre blades with straight teeth are commonly utilized in form-fill ...

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