Alpine Granulator Blades, Rotary and Stationary Blades

Features of Apline Granulator Blades

Specific types of Alpine granulator blades can vary depending on the application and the material being processed. These blades are used in various industries to reduce the size of materials into smaller, more manageable particles or granules.

When working with Alpine granulators, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for blade maintenance, replacement, and safety precautions to ensure efficient and safe granulation processes.


Alpine Blades at Fernite Machine Knives

We offer a range of Hosokawa – Alpine Granulator Blades that are designed to be the perfect fit for your machines. Our blades are expertly crafted to deliver high performance, longer life span, and exceptional wear resistance ensuring that your granulators operate to their full capacity.
Rotary Blades are typically mounted on a rotor and are responsible for cutting and shredding the material as it passes through the granulator. They can have various designs, such as staggered or straight blades, and may be made from materials like high-speed steel or hardened steel.

Stationary Blades or fixed blades, provide a cutting edge against which the rotary blades operate. The interaction between the rotary and stationary blades is essential for the size reduction process.


We manufacture various models of Alpine Granulator Blades, including:













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Our factory is accredited with the internationally recognized quality assurance standard, ISO9001 and we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality blades.


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