Herbold Granulator Rotor Knife

Herbold Granulator Rotor Knife

Durable Herbold granulator rotor knife

Herbold granulators are commonly used in the plastic recycling industry to reduce the size of plastic waste into smaller granules for further processing. Fernite offers a complete range of rotor and static knives that are compatible with Herbold Granulators.

Regarding the rotor knife in a Herbold granulator, it is a crucial component responsible for cutting and shredding the plastic material. The design and specifications of the rotor knife can vary depending on the specific model of the granulator and the type of plastic being processed


These knives are built to last and are made with the latest CNC technology. They can be used in the toughest conditions, making them an ideal choice for many plastics and rubber processing plants worldwide.

At Fernite, we understand the importance of continuous operation for Herbold granulators, and that’s why we have optimized the design of our granulator knives for cutting challenging materials. The geometry and arrangement of the knives on the rotor also play a significant role in the efficiency of the granulation process.


High-quality, durable Herbold granulator knives from the manufacturer

Here at Fernite, we take pride in manufacturing all models of granulator knives using the highest quality steel at our factory, which is certified by plate_number_1. Our knives are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications, both popular and customized Herbold granulator knives, to ensure dimensional accuracy.

To ensure longevity, machine balance, precision cutting, and a precise gap fit, we always grind our knives per set. Our blades have helped our customers extend production run times, reduce maintenance bills and downtime, and cut through even the most challenging materials, including contaminated or corrosive feedstocks.

At Fernite, we are committed to ensuring that our customers constantly generate uniform regrind with minimal dust content. By providing Herbold Granulator knives to customers worldwide, we have built an extensive database of drawings and knowledge to guarantee high-quality service.

30/50 30/80 45/100 45/60
45/80 45/100 60/100 60/145
80/100 80/160 80/200 600/1000

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