Perforation Blade options for the packaging industries

Perforation blade that fits the requirements of all packaging industries

Perforation blades are cutting tools that do not separate the parts of a component. The perforation blade creates only a series of closely spaced holes or slits into packaging material to facilitate separation along the predefined lines. Perforation blades are used for various purposes in different industries.

In the packaging industry, perforation blade creates tear-off sections or easy-open features on items like pouches, bags, or packaging for products such as cereals, snacks, and frozen foods.

The use of perforation blades varies widely depending on the specific requirements of the industry and the product being manufactured.

Fernite Machine Knives offers circular or straight perforator blades in various materials and profiles, based on drawings, samples, or descriptions. We produce a variety of perforator blades with different tooth profiles to meet each customer’s specific needs:

  • v-style
  • scalloped
  • peg style
  • slant type

Reliable perforator blades with a high-quality cutting edge

Using only the finest European steel and our ability to grind tooth profiles precisely, we are the perfect partner for all your perforating operations.

We manufacture every knife in our certified factory, equipped with the latest advanced machinery. Therefore, we guarantee quality and efficiency in every process, resulting in high-performing packaging machine blades at a competitive price.

From OEM standard replacement blades to custom-developed products, Fernite Machine Knives assists our clients in extending production run times, reducing downtime, and achieving precise perforation of their materials.

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