Bagger Knives, Gloucester Blades for the Packaging Machines

Gloucester bag machine compatible knives

We offer a variety of high-quality toothed knives that are compatible with Gloucester bag machines. Our Gloucester bagger knives have a variety of tooth counts and slot options. 

In our factory, we manufacture these knives based on the shape, design, and size of customer bags. All knives are custom-made and provide excellent reliable cuts. To keep the cutting edge longer bagger knives can be TiN coated. For extra wear resistance, we can supply your blade with a range of additional coatings.

Fernite Machine Knives offers market-leading cutting performance and expert customer support from our friendly team.

Certified Manufacturer of bag and sack machine knives

Fernite Machine Knives factory is ISO 9001 certified. Therefore, we produce all our knives under strict manufacturing tolerances. Our packaging bag knives always exceed OEM tolerances, ensuring superior cutting performance.

To optimize blade durability and cutting performance, we use only fully traceable, high-quality European steel in the manufacturing process.

Our advanced tooth form grinding capability guarantees sharp, accurate tooth profiles. We offer Gloucester-type compatible bagger knives with 27, 40, and 50 teeth. In our factory, we manufacture these knives both as slotted and as slotless options.

Get a competitive quotation for bagger knives

  • We thoroughly analyze our customers’ blades and material choices to ensure they are perfectly matched for their cutting processes.
  • With years of insight and expertise, we deeply understand our customers’ main industries bag and pouch packaging.
  • We have expanded our knowledge about particular requirements and design variations by completing these orders.

We are always ready to help with any drawing issues or cutting challenges. Please email us for a quotation on – including as much information as you can, including a drawing if you have one.  A member of our team will be in touch shortly.

The main questions we get about Gloucester bagger knives:

What is the use of Gloucester bagger knives?

Gloucester Bagger Knives are used in a Gloucester style bag packaging machine. This is one of the VFFS bagging machine examples that are regularly used in the packaging industry.

Knives in bag packaging machines play a crucial role in the cutting and sealing processes, ensuring efficient and precise packaging. Gloucester® style packaging knives are popular products in the packaging industry. 

The knives are used in the bag packaging machines to cut between the heat seal jaws to form each bag.

These knives might be also employed to trim off any surplus material, providing a neat and finished appearance at the edges of sealed bags.

The use of knives in bag packaging machines is essential for automating these processes, improving efficiency, and ensuring the accuracy of cuts and seals.

Advantages of using Fernite’s vertical form fill seal Gloucester bagger knives

  • We work with you to understand the product you are cutting

(whether it is recycled or virgin material, biodegradable or conventional, does it have a foil inner layer).

  • To improve your cut, we can help you choose the appropriate tooth form and inspect whether you need TiN or Teflon coating.

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