Get Top Quality Pelletizer Knives with Durable Edges

Top Quality Pelletizer Knives

We know about steel properties and experienced in distributing various grades steel all around the world. So, to manufacture Pelletizer Knives in our ISO 9001 factory we use only top quality, reliable steel grades that are appropriate for custom applications. We manufacture pelletizer knives from very durable materials that extend the lifetime. 


We manufacture them from stainless steel, spring steel, hardened tool steels, High Speed Steel (HSS), M2 Tool Steel. On customer requests pelletizer knives can be coated in our factory.

Wide stock of Pelletizing Knives for various applications

Whether you need pelletizer knives for the recycling or extrusion machinery, we can either provide them from our ready-made popular stock or manufacture according to your specifications. We use CNC machinery to manufacture precise and accurate knives and blades with various dimensions and number of slots.

The dimensional accuracy is checked during the production and documented during the final inspection. All our pelletizer knives are manufactured to meet the exact specs and tolerances of OEMs. They have tight tolerances and a guaranteed 0.0004 inch plane parallelism.

We offer pelletizer knives that are used in various types of pelletizers:

  • strand pelletizers for processing melted polymer to cylindrical pellets, moreover, we offer strand pelletizer knives which are specially designed for the processing of food products,
  • underwater cutting pelletizers to cut a pellet that is fully immersed in water to include superior spherical pellets,
  • die face cutting pelletizers, so less material is wasted around the shapes than with other cutting methods,
  • all types of size reduction technology.

Our pelletizer knives are compatible with:


Baker Perkins



Black Clawson

Buss Condux














Werner Pfleiderer

Please contact us if your pelletizer is not listed above, as we will either supply it for you from our wider stock or manufacture according to your specifications.

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