Pelletizer Knives

Pelletizer Knives manufactured in ISO9001 certified factory in the UK

Pelletizer knives and die face cutters are small yet essential components. Therefore, we control that our knives deliver superb cutting performance and long life edge. So, our customers increase output by extending production runs between pelletizer knives change.

Having access to the finest traceable steel in Europe, we ensure the material we use is perfectly suited to your application. Thus, we manufacture all our pelletizer knives of the highest possible quality for exceptional cutting performance.

Also, all our pelletizer knives are manufactured in our own ISO 9001 certified factory with strict internationally acceptable standards. Thus, our precision manufacturing methods guarantee a sharp, uniform cutting edge and good wear resistance even when faced with abrasive feedstocks. 

Serving the masterbatch, recycling, chemicals and plastics manufacturing sectors for over 50 years, Fernite is trusted by global brand leaders. They are confident that finest quality precision pelletizer knives from Fernite will keep their processes running smoothly, effectively and cost-efficiently.

Wide stock of Pelletizer Knives for various machines

We supply pelletizer knives for all leading machine brands, including but not limited to Alpine, Buss, Battenfield, Beringer, Cikoplas, Cumberland, Erema, Munchy, Gala.

We offer pelletizer knives for

  • strand pelletizers
  • underwater cutting pelletizers
  • die face cutting
  • all types of size reduction technology. 

Often available from stock, we offer excellent delivery times. 

Die Face Cutters - Underwater Pelletizers from our A. F. Whiteley division - experts in size reduction blades and specialist knives for the plastics and chemicals industries.
Strand pelletizer knife
Coated pelletizer knife - for additional wear resistance and lifespan - and ideal for cutting through even the most challenging of feedstocks.

Bespoke pelletizer knives for your specific application

If you have specific requirements we will happily work with you to develop a solution. Whether you are extruding a specific material which requires a tougher, longer-lasting knives, or whether you are experiencing reliability or quality issues with your existing, Fernite can help. 

Manufactured from Stainless, Carbide, HSS, and Solid Steel on the company CNC machinery our pelletizer knives have precision cutting edges and longer applications.

We can manufacture Pelletizer Knives and Die Face cutter blades to your specific requirements, including:
  • single / double bevels
  • various holes, slots, angles
  • with a range of coatings
  • in different dimensions and with various specifications.

We offer excellent lead times on bespoke pelletizer knives, designed and made to your precise definition. Please email us your drawings and specifications, so we can help you to design and manufacture knives.

Friendly, expert service

Our friendly, helpful team members are always here to answer your questions and offer any advice you might need when searching for the right plastic recycling machine blades for your particular application.

Would you like to get excellent service combined with finest quality, cost-effective pelletizer knives? 

Or perhaps you need a particular design or finish and can’t find the quality you need at the right price? If so, give Fernite of Sheffield a call: we’re here to help.

Fernite of Sheffield are renowned across the world for outstanding reliability, value, service and support. 

 For help, advice or to place an order for your granulator blades, email us at or call our friendly team on +44 (0) 114 244 0527.

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Extend production run times with our wear-resistant knives