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Fernite Machine Knives experts are qualified machine knife manufacturers. We supply the world’s greatest brands with high-quality industrial knives and blades.

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Manufacturer of the finest standard and bespoke machine knife products

Every machine knife is manufactured in our ISO9001-accredited production plant. We employ advanced machining techniques and equipment to achieve precise dimensions and tight tolerances. This precision is crucial for ensuring that the knives fit and function flawlessly within the machinery they’re designed for.

We manufacture all machine knives from the finest quality accredited European steel. We often use premium materials like high-carbon steel, stainless steel, or special alloy steels for our machine knives. These materials are chosen for their hardness, wear resistance, and ability to withstand the demands of industrial applications.

We have implemented rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. This includes comprehensive inspections at various stages to detect any defects or deviations from specifications, ensuring that each knife meets the required standards.

We combine years of insight, experience, and skill work in perfect partnership with the advanced precision technologies in which we invest.

This ensures all our customers that we adhere to strict quality standards and specifications. Customers know that they can rely on Fernite to design and supply durable, precision blades.

By manufacturing in-house, we guarantee superior quality and competitive pricing. Contact us for a fast quote and advice at

  • invest in the latest technology
  • continuously improve manufacturing
  • certified with a quality standard
  •  consistently meet high standards
  • Trusted manufacture
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Excellent lead times
  • High quality
  • extend production runs
  • cut your maintenance cost
  • improve knife longevity
  • deliver significant savings
  • we offer advice and ideas
  • make knives that enhance your production
  • develop solutions to cutting problems