Machine Knife Manufacturers, Industrial Manufacturing

Machine Knife Manufacturers, Industrial Manufacturing

Innovative machine knife manufacturers committed to quality and integrity

Fernite Machine Knives experts are qualified machine knife manufacturers. We supply the world’s greatest brands with high-quality industrial knives and blades. Industries across the world use our machine knives in the food, packaging, rubber, and plastics industries.

We collaborate closely with our customers to identify problems and develop custom solutions:
• extend production runs,
• cut maintenance costs,
• reduce machine downtime,
• improve knife longevity,
• deliver significant savings.


Quality-manufactured machine knife

Combining two centuries of traditional skill with advanced precision technologies, Fernite Machine knives manufactures the world’s finest machine knives, blades, and cutters. Established in 1832, Fernite has now over 180 years of heritage in the Sheffield knife industry.

Our machine knives are a result of our extensive years of experience, diligence, and the latest technology that we invest in our work. We understand that longevity and durability are significant concerns when it comes to using knives in a factory. Therefore, we create machine knives that last and optimize your efficiency.

We produce knives for a variety of applications and needs. Our knives have a variety of edges such as toothed, bevelled, angled, circular, and straight. At our factory, we tailor every aspect of the knife to your material and application.

With our long and wide-ranging experience as machine knife manufacturers, we can identify the exact blades you need to get the best out of your machinery. We create machine knives to last, whether for cutting soft materials or much harder substances.

Bespoke blades and machine knife manufacture is our specialty. With years of experience in creating unique designs and sizes, we can help create exactly what you are looking for from start to finish. We can also fit your blades to any machine or model you might have.

  • regularly invests in the latest technology
  • continuously improves manufacturing
  • certified with an internationally recognized  ISO9001 quality standard
  • products and services meet consistently high standards
  • easy to work with, great communication
  • fast quotations and good turn around
  • customer support representatives are both experienced and friendly
  • team members have years of technical knowledge
  • we offer advice and ideas to our customers
  • develop knives that enhance your production
  • specialize in developing solutions to cutting problems
  • by manufacturing in-house, we guarantee superior quality and competitive pricing