Bowl Chopper Blades for the Machine Processing

Bowl chopper blades in the food industry

Industrial bowl choppers are commonly used in food processing facilities, such as meat processing plants, bakeries, and large-scale catering operations, where high-capacity, high-speed, and consistent food processing are essential for meeting production demands. The choice of the right industrial bowl chopper blades depends on the specific requirements of the facility and the types of products being processed.

High-quality food blades manufactured at Fernite Machine Knives

We manufacture bowl chopper blades of stainless steel. This ensure longevity and resistance to corrosive which is vital for the food industry. Our precise grinding provides sharp edges for optimal performance and longevity.

Fernite Machine Knives takes great pride in manufacturing high-quality bowl chopper blades. We tailor our blades to your specific needs and manufacture them according to your designs. If you have a drawing, sketch, or written specifications, please let us know and we would be delighted to work with you to create the perfect product for your needs.

Our bowl chopper blades can suit specific cutting, mixing, or emulsifying requirements. Common blade types include straight blades for chopping, serrated blades for grinding, and double-cut blades for emulsifying.

They are available in various sizes to accommodate different bowl capacities and processing needs. Some blades may have multiple tiers or levels to improve the efficiency of chopping and blending.

These blades are designed to withstand the rigors of continuous, high-volume use in commercial and industrial settings. They are constructed to be long-lasting and to resist wear and tear.

Supply of ready-made bowl chopper blades that fit different machines

Additionally, we supply bowl chopper blades that are compatible with the various machine’s designs and capacities:


Kramer Grebe

Hely Jolly


Karl Schnell


K & C Wetter








Rex Duker







Contact us at to receive a free quote and we’ll make sure to ship it worldwide. All of our knives are produced in an internationally certified factory. This guarantees that our products meet the highest standards of quality management.

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