Distribution Opportunities

Global machine knife distribution opportunities available with us

Our continually expanding business seeks a wider network of distributors to help us promote and sell our premium quality machine knives worldwide. Distribute machine knives manufactured by Fernite and, you’ll reap the many business-building benefits of partnering with one of the industry’s most trusted and sought-after names.  Not least is the opportunity to set your business well above the competition to attract more new customers and generate greater sales and profits. You’ll have access to our unique and extensive ranges of blades and knives, all precision-manufactured in our own Sheffield plant and supported by exceptional customer service, support, and aftercare. We  give you our assurance that:
  • We’ll never attempt to compete with you
  • We will never flood an area with distributors
  • You will be able to beat your competitors not only on quality and price but also on delivery
  • We’ll work with deadlines to help protect production continuity.
We’ll support you all every step of the way to ensure your success as a distributor. After all, we’re working together for the best results all round! World-class machine knives and blades As a Fernite distributor, you’ll represent a world-class manufacturer, supplying premium quality blades that meet the needs of a variety of industry sectors. You’ll have direct access to top-quality blades that excel in performance and durability, from toothed cut-off blades in plastic to a vast selection of blades and scrapers in the food industry. Fernite manufactures blades for food processing, recycling, plastics, packaging, engineering, foam cutting, and specialized agricultural applications. With ISO9001 certification and the very latest technology, quality is at the heart of everything we do.  

Fast, flexible delivery with Fernite Machine Knives

Time is very often a critical factor in our industry and at Fernite Machine Knives, we’re determined to raise the lead time bar.  We are trying to deliver our products to customers always on time and have them at the most competitive prices.

We can significantly reduce waiting times because we manufacture all our knives in-house. Furthermore, by proactively planning appropriate schedules with you and your customers, we can ship complete, large-volume international shipments, on time and on budget. That way, your customers can take delivery of their products faster than ever before. The results? You’ll be able to keep outlay and stock levels to a minimum. You’ll have happy customers who will return to you again and again. That’s good news for everyone!
Expert help that’s just a call away. At Fernite, we’re always ready to go the extra mile to support our distributors and customers alike. Whatever your query, our friendly experts are here to give you the answers you need, when you need them.    

Are you interested in becoming a Fernite Machine Knife distributor?

That’s great news! Then just simply, email us: sales@fernite.com. We look forward to working with you!