Tough Tipped Blades with long-lasting cutting edge

Improve your machine’s effectiveness with our tough tipped blades

Tough tipped blades refer to cutting tools that are designed to withstand challenging and demanding cutting conditions. These tough-tipped blades are well-suited for challenging applications, even when the feedstock is contaminated. Tungsten carbide tips of these blades are durable and can resist wear, chipping, or deformation even when used in tough or abrasive materials. Therefore, these tools maintain their sharpness and effectiveness over extended periods of use.

Fernite’s tough-tipped blades are the perfect solution for customers who have difficulty granulating contaminated loads and hard feedstocks or regularly experience damage to their standard blades. These carbide tipped blades are uniquely manufactured to resist cracking and shattering, which can reduce downtime and minimize the risk of machine damage.


Shatter, corrosion, and abrasion resistance carbide tipped blades

Made with a tool steel base and hardened cutting tips, our tough-tipped tungsten carbide blade range provides the best cutting performance available in the market. They are ideally suited for granulating even the most challenging materials and offer market-leading performance.

• extra durability. The cutting tungsten carbide tip is harder and more resistant, providing extra durability and reducing the frequency of blade changes.
• longer blade life. By switching to these blades, you can significantly reduce downtime and increase your production output.
• less frequent sharpening. No stoppage of your machines.

Delivering only premium quality, we have successfully helped many customers extend their production run times with our tough tungsten carbide tipped blades.

Fernite exclusively uses fully traceable, high-quality steels from trusted sources. Our blades are manufactured here in the UK, in our certified factory, guaranteeing that your finished products will be of the highest standards. 

Email us for a fast technical quote and we will help to sort out your cutting issue. 

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