Food Processing Blades with Precision Ground Edges

Food Processing Blades contributing to the global production

One of the biggest industries we manufacture machine blades for is the food industry. The industry requires durable and reliable food processing blades to support its processing machinery and protect its output.

We know that durable blade performance is essential for factories looking for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their production. Ensuring your business runs efficiently is why we source the best steel and manufacturing techniques to produce our machine blades.

Fernite manufactures all of its knives in-house with the highest quality steel available in Sheffield. Our machine blade manufacturing is of such high quality that we can confidently provide even small food processing blades, such as dicing blades, drum drier blades, and toothed knives for various machinery. When producing blades we precision manufacture to your exact specifications.


With years of experience working within the food industry, we can offer a bespoke service to customers

We take pride in supplying a vast selection of machine knives and blades, both standard and customized, to support the best-known brands in the world. Our blades may have contributed to the production of many famous branded products on supermarket shelves worldwide.

You can rely on our food processing blades to keep your machinery running at its full potential!

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