Zerma Granulator Stationary Knives and Rotor Knives

Zerma Granulator Stationary Knives and Rotor Knives

Zerma Granulator Knives for the plastic and rubber industries

Zerma has been a leading supplier of granulator machines to the plastics and rubber recycling industries for many years. Zerma granulator bed knives, also known as stationary knives, work alongside rotating rotor knives to cut and shred plastic materials into smaller pieces for subsequent processing or recycling.

At Fernite, we offer granulator bed knives and rotor knives that are compatible with Zerma and other machines. Our knives can fit any machine, from a small slow speed to a multipurpose heavy-duty granulator. Our experts have experience in optimizing granulator knife designs for each specific application. We use only top-quality, certified European steel to manufacture our blades.


We manufacture Zerma granulator knives in our certified factory

At our factory, we have an internationally recognized standard of quality assurance, certified by ISO9001. We offer off-shelf and customized Zerma granulator bed knives and rotor knives manufactured according to OEM specifications. We also provide a tough-tipped blade for superior lifespan and performance, which can reduce plant downtime and the risk of damage, resulting in significant savings for our customers.

We supply Zerma Granulator knives worldwide and have built a large database of drawings to meet our customers’ needs. All our knives are carefully ground to ensure a precise gap fit, precision cutting, longevity, and machine balance. Our goal is to ensure that all our customers consistently generate uniform regrind with minimal dust content.


Various types of Zerma Granulator Knives that we manufacture are listed below:

180/120 180/180 180/300
180/430 300/400 300/600
300/800 300/1000 400/600
500/500 500/700 700/1000

Please note, if you cannot find your model of Granulator bed knife please do contact us using the form to the right.

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