Quality Industrial Plastic Recycling Machine Knives

Fernite manufactures Tire and Plastic cutting machine knives for size-reduction machinery

Plastic cutting machine knives are specialized tools designed for cutting, trimming, and shaping plastic materials. These knives are essential tools providing precision and efficiency in cutting operations. These knives are essential tools providing precision and efficiency in cutting operations. We manufacture machine knives for various industries, including packaging, manufacturing, automotive, and recycling.

Having several contracts with local recycling facilities and supporting the world’s most popular brands with our tire and plastic cutting machine knives, Fernite Machine Knives is steadily growing internationally.

Our company has customers who recycle tire for many other industries including building, flooring, gardening & electricity. Most of these customers use standard rubber-cutting machines to produce different kinds of rubber crumbs.

Our market-leading production in plastic extrusion and processing is powered by world-class grinding technology, quality steel, and expertise.  Companies from all over the world trust our plastic cutting machine knives on their CNC machinery.

By developing bespoke solutions to solve each individual customer’s cutting problems and issues, Fernite’s expert team takes on the cutting challenges that other machine knife companies will not attempt.

As granulators, shredders, and pelletizers are amongst the most common machinery in any rubber scrap yard around the globe, Fernite also provides a wide variety of popular and specially designed granulators.

Whatever your tire or plastic cutting machine knives requirements, Fernite team is happy to help

Choosing the right type of knife, maintaining it properly, and ensuring safety can significantly enhance productivity and product quality.

Please email us: sales@fernite.com 

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