Ice Cream Machine Blades, Scraper Blades on sale

Ice Cream Machine Blades

Fernite produces high-quality ice cream scraper blades using state-of-the-art machinery to strict OEM specifications. We manufacture replacement ice cream machine blades from stainless steel and polished a smooth mirror finish to prevent bacteria and rust. Generally, we use AISI 420 (1.4034) and 410 (1.4024) to manufacture freezer blades.

Our scraper blades with precision ground edges and exceptional straightness faultlessly scrape the frozen ice cream from the inside wall of the cylinder. New ice cream scraper blades fit tighter and scrape better, allowing the product to reach the desired viscosity more quickly.


Replacing Ice Cream Scraper Blades

In order to improve the quality of your ice cream or frozen yogurt product, it is essential to regularly replace the scraper blades. If you are using an old blade:

  1. You lose capacity, you will not get the same volume of ice cream as before.
  2. The product you extract tends to be not so crisp, but a little sloppy. It is because you are scraping just frozen sludge without getting the product from the cylinder wall. So it is not a well-mixed crispy ice cream texture.

In summary, you work with decreased capacity and low-quality products. That is why, ice cream machine scraper blades should be changed as soon as any signs of nicks, scratches, or wear become noticeable.

We strongly advise you to change all your scraper blades at the same time on your machine. Otherwise, you might still not achieve the required quality and consistency of the product, ice crystals might be cut off into the product and the machine itself may experience a shake and vibration. 

We offer a wide variety of replacement scraper blades for all models including APV, Callagriga, Carpigiani, Cherry Burrell, Emery Thompson, GEA, Gram, Mark, Promag, ROKK, Soren, Stephan, Technogel, Tecnofreeze, Tetra Pak, Taylor ice cream machine scraper blades, and many more models.


Custom Scraper Blades for Ice Cream Machines

At Fernite, we offer bespoke and customized scraper blades manufactured in our certified factory. This gives us full control over production, allowing us to create blades tailored to your exact requirements. Custom options include bevel angles, holes, slots, shoulder height, shape, and dimensions.

We can provide any quantities of the blades you require. Please contact us at to get a fast quote.

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