Doctor Blades for Paper Industry

International delivery of Doctor Blades for paper industry

Doctor blades are relatively low-cost items, but have a massive impact on production in the flexographic, rotographic, and offset printers. High-quality doctor blades are the only way to achieve a consistent ink distribution. Our top-quality Doctor Blades for paper industry are manufactured under the brand name PrintBlade. They would optimize your process with high quality and durability. 

We deliver exceptional quality and performance doctor blades, paired with expert, friendly customer service. This combination makes us the preferred supplier to market-leading names in the printing industry across the globe.

With an ISO9001 accredited factory, expert staff, and the latest production technology, PrintBlade guarantees exceptional quality in every blade.


Doctor Blades to optimize your production

Whether you are using Flexographic Printing or Gravure Printing, within the Wide Web Printing, Narrow Web Printing or Off-Set Printing sectors, the Fernite PrintBlade Doctor Blade Range of products is your ideal partner for your Pressroom Consumables for successful Printing. Whatever your Edge profile requirements, Fernite PrintBlade Doctor Blades can be manufactured with Round Edge Profile, Bevel Edge Profile or Lamella Edge Profile, and our PrintBlade Team works closely with you to determine the exact requirements to aid and improve your Flexo or Gravure process.


Offering PrintBlade Doctor Blades in Coil or Cut To Length Doctor Blades gives you the benefit of having a UK Doctor Blade manufacturer who can work to your exacting requirements, offering high-quality Doctor Blades, reducing your onsite labor, and overall improving your Pressroom Consumables spend.


We know that time and efficiency are important to your business which is why supply our blades cut to the exact measurements needed. We provide our blades in two ways to suit you and your business: we provide cut-to-order lengths so you can install and use your doctor blades as soon as you receive them so you can ensure that your press will be running to the highest quality as quickly as possible.


Made from the highest quality steel and completely manufactured on our specialist Sheffield production line, PrintBlade is available with the industry standard profiles: Lamella edge, bevel edge and round edge.


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