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Packaging English

Tray knife - formed tray knives - Fernite

Tray Sealing Knives

Tray Sealing Knives for various industries Cut wastage and reduce loading times with Fernite’s seal knives Fernite manufactures tray sealing knives for sealing machines in food, packaging, film applications. During the sealing process the heating element comes down and seals the film to the tray, then the knife comes down and cuts away the excess …

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Tape Knife - Case Sealer Knife

Tape Blades / Case Sealer Blade

Precision Manufactured Tape Knives / Case Sealer Knives Fernite tape knives are used on packaging lines worldwide for case sealing / carton sealing.  For effective sealing performance, a clean cut, wear resistance and minimal adhesive build-up on the blade are essential. Manufactured from high quality steel with precision-ground teeth, Fernite tape knives are ideal for cutting …

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Form Fill Seal Machine Knives

Horizontal and Vertical Form Fill Seal Knives Precision-ground toothform knives for the FFS machine packaging sector Fernite manufactures form fill seal knives for various markets: food, drinks, tobacco, pet food, chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical. We supply vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal knives to meet your exact bagging, heat sealing, and packaging requirements. Due to their precision …

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Cardboard cutting knives for all machine types, cardboard thicknesses and sizes, manufactured by Fernite Machine Knives in Sheffield, UK.

Cardboard Cutter

Cardboard cutters for the packaging and paper industries Fernite cardboard cutters are precision-ground and manufactured from high quality European steel for to ensure a clean, perfect cut. Our cardboard cutter blades are manufactured utilising the latest production technology, giving us unrivalled control over the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. These packaging machinery knives …

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Vertical FFS Knives for heavy Bag and Sack Making

ISO9001 certified machine knife manufacturer with advanced capabilities Machine knives manufactured using high quality European steel Teeth and slots to your specification, coated options available.  Vertical Form Fill Knife – VFFS knife is a fundamental component of food production machines.  Fernite’s  machine knives for bag and sack making are suitable for bag forming from a …

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