Industrial Shredder Blades for Plastic

Single shaft shredder blades for plastic

Our industrial shredder blades efficiently cut and reduce plastic materials into smaller pieces or granules. These shredder blades for plastic have specific types and designs that vary depending on the material being processed, the size of the desired output, and the shredder machine’s specifications.

The selection of the right shredder blades for plastic largely depends on the type of plastic processing, its thickness, and the desired output size. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for blade maintenance and replacement to ensure the shredding machine’s efficiency and safety.

At Fernite Machine Knives we offer single shaft shredder blades. These are used where a single rotor with blades rotates to cut and shred plastic materials. At Fernite we manufacture different shapes and cutting profiles of industrial shredder blades, such as hook-shaped and counter knives.

shredder blade
Counter shredder knife

Depending on the specific plastic material, such as PET, HDPE, PVC, or ABS, custom blades may be designed with the appropriate blade geometry and cutting angles to optimize shredding efficiency.


We manufacture single shaft shredder blades

  • From high alloyed tool steel and according to custom requirements
  • With heat treatment and hardness level according to OEM or custom application
  • According to standard specifications or from a custom drawing / scheme

Fernite Machine Knives supplies industrial shredder blades for various shredders: Blackfriars, Blick, Cumberland, Erema, Granutech, Polyretec, Rapid, UNTHA, Vecoplan, Weima, Wiscon Envirotech, Zerma, and many more. Please contact us at if need blades from any other shredder manufacturer, so we look through our database and see whether we can supply them for you.

Proper maintenance and replacement of shredder blades are crucial to maintain the performance and longevity of the shredding machine. Please contact us for a non-obligatory chat about shredder blades’ appropriate technical care.