Mixer Scraper Knives

Knives with precision ground edges and exceptional straightness We manufacture mixer scraper knives that blend food particles to an exceptionally smooth paste under vacuum processing. For example, during chocolate ganache, processed cheesed, purees, mayonnaise, or ketchup production. In spite mixing is only a small step in the total process, it performs a vital function. The …

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Vegetable Cutting Blades

High Quality Vegetable Cutting Blades All types of vegetable blades for the catering industry Standard and Custom blades for cutting fresh and dry vegetables At Fernite we design and manufacture various food machine knives and blades for all leading machine systems. With efficiency crucial to the food processing sector, we supply knives which last longer, …

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Cheese cutter - machine knife manufactured by Fernite of Sheffield Ltd

Cheese Cutter Blades

Cheese Cutter Blades Precision ground bevel edge for accurate, clean cutting Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel Fernite cheese cutter knives are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steels available, with excellent resistance against pitting, rust and corrosion – vital when cutting through food products.  Our stainless steel food machine knives are manufactured to …

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Onion top tail cutter machine knife - manufactured by Fernite of Sheffield Ltd in the UK

Onion Cutter

Onion Cutter Knives Food machine knives manufactured from quality stainless steel Hard wearing High Quality Stainless Steel Fast, Flexible Delivery Top/tail knives for onion cutter and peeler machines. Supplied in LH/RH pairs. Angle, thickness and holes to customer specification. We can manufacture to a drawing or sample, or we can work with you to develop …

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Bakery Industry Knife

Bakery Knives and Tools

Food machine knives and stainless steel components for the bakery sector Bakery Knives manufactured on our own ISO9001 certifies factory Bespoke Components – Manufactured to exact requirements High Quality Stainless Steel Fast, Flexible Delivery Fernite have been supplying large bakery plants for years, dealing with large customers.  We supply bakery knives, dough cutters and handling …

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Bowl Chopper Blades for the meat processing industry

Bowl Chopper Blades

Bowl Chopper Knives Food machine knives for efficient meat processing Precision Ground Edges High Quality Stainless Steel Fast, Flexible Delivery Manufactured in our ISO9001 certified factory We manufacture Bowl Chopper Knives from a specially developed materials to ensure long-life and corrosion resistance. To reduce frictions of the chopper knives we always polish them.  Fernite bowl …

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UK Manufactured scraper blades and drum dryer blades by Fernite of Sheffield Ltd

Drum Dryer Blades

Precise and highly Durable Drum Dryer Scraper Blades Long lasting, precision manufactured food machine blades Drum Dryer blades require a consistent, perfectly straight edge to ensure even scraping across the surface of the drum. That is why we manufacture drum dryer blades with higher precision in our ISO9001 certified factory. With decades of expertise and …

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Potato Chipper Knives

Potato Chipper Knives

Potato chips machine knives All types of chipper knives for the catering industry Fernite Machine Knives – a trusted name in the food machine knives industry Fernite are a reliable supplier of potato chipper knives to the catering industry – from machine manufacturers to catering companies.  Every Fernite knife is manufactured in the UK at …

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Onion Peeler Blades - Manufactured in the UK by Fernite of Sheffield Ltd

Vegetable Peeler Knives

Perfect peeling with Fernite knives Vegetable peeler knives for all machine types Peeler blades for all types of automatic vegetable peeling equipment With efficiency crucial to the food processing sector, we supply knives which last longer, deliver a clean and precise cut, and extend production run times. What makes our peeler knives different? We never …

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ice cream freezer blade

Ice Cream Freezer Scraper Blades

Long-lasting scraper blades for a wide range of applications Supplied to the world’s greatest brands, Fernite freezer blades have been developed to increase production run times and avoid costly damage to machines. With a history stretching back almost 200 years and a passion for making the best blades on the market, we’ve built up a …

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